New brand of Nizhny Novgorod

Project agency XPOM
as a gift to his native city
The only thing we know for sure is that everything is changing, it is necessary to change or put up with changes, to accept them as they are. The pace of change is growing. If you want to keep up with the times, it is better to accelerate, to begin to better understand yourself. This is today's message. However, it would be useful to remind you that our basic needs are unchanged.The need to be noticed and appreciated is the main one.
The need for intimacy and care, a drop of love! She is satisfied only in the slowness of human relations. To subordinate change to ourselves, we need to regain unhurriedness, reflection, and unity. In them we will find a true rebirth of ourselves and as a result of the world around us.
When we decided to make a new brand for the city, we were faced with a very difficult task - whether to use symbols or not, if so, which ones to choose, what to start from, and are they needed?
We decided to make branding for our hometown and we faced a difficult task: what symbols to use as a brand?
Как соприкасается житель города с его историей, каким образом он взаимодействует с ней, когда приезжает в центр, смотрит на памятники или думает о чём-то своём?
Где течёт настоящая жизнь города и что является его истинным центром?

Мы ответили своим решением: город для каждого свой, город – это ты.
Key visual image of the brand of Nizhny Novgorod - color pictures with the image of the city and its inhabitants, made in the original and recognizable style

For each carrier, an original image is selected and processed.
Developed many layouts for all occasions of the city:
templates for outdoor advertising, posters, city navigation, transport maps, merch, promotional materials and many other layouts.