Corporate identity manufacturer of powerful gaming computers
In this logo, we have combined two images - the image of a predatory beast and a helmet of the Roman war. Corporate identity has turned warlike and powerful.Uncompromising, strong, brutal.
Dynamic and sharp logo is supported by the original font style. The letters in the title have a positive slope, which indicates the dynamics and speed.

The NODGET logo can be placed on a red or black background.
Branded merchandise is very bright and recognizable:
Shopkeepers and members of the cyber-sports team wear branded T-shirts. T-shirts winners!
Logo adorns branded products - computer processors and other computer peripherals.
Using the logo on a color uniform background:
Use of the logo on a heterogeneous background (picture or photo)
Corporate font
Corporate Business Cards
Paper - black matte cardboard, density 300 gr.
Printing - silk-screen printing, 2 + 2 (white + red)
Inkjet or offset printing. Office paper, 90 gr.
Using text blocks in advertising layouts