Brand identity
Andrei Andreyevich Voznesensky was a Soviet and Russian poet, publicist, artist and architect. Voznesensky is considered as one of the most famous poets of the mid-20th-century, of the 1960s. He is also known as a songwriter. Voznesensky became popular in the USA, where he became friends with the beatnik poet Allen Ginsberg, as well as Arthur Miller's family.
Andrei Voznesensky Centre portrays a combination of the 21st century modernity and 1960s classicism, which became an emphasis in creation of the brand of the centre.
Linocut was chosen as a logo. It transfers man-made liveliness and reminds about creative component of the centre, a significance of Andrei Voznesensky's contribution and his cultural heritage.

Linoleum as material and a printmaking method "Linocut" became widely used at the period of Voznesensky's oeuvre and his heyday, at the 1960-1970s. This idea has a symbolic nuance and shade, sending us back to that amazing period.
Cyrillic uppercase letters «Ц" (центр - centre) and "В" (Вознесенский - Voznesensky) are used as the main and unique element of the logo. They are made of simple geometrical figures, a direct reference to the author's book covers.
Two types of patterns are developed. Simple geometric shapes - style-forming elements of the Voznesensky Centre.
Navigation icons
Indicators and plates are made in the same style.
Events icons
Every event has its own theme image.
A wide dark font Helios Ext Black for titles gives a modern shade to the logo. Source Code Variable font takes you to the period of typewriters. It is also suitable, for example, for ticket printing, creating the atmosphere of that time.
Colored plexiglass is used for information plates to introduce the brand style. This approach perfectly matches with general visibility and the linocut style; it will also be harmonious with the whole interior.